Utilities I typically install on a Windows box. All of this software is free (at least as in beer), unless otherwise mentioned. No adware, shareware, nagware or spyware.

System Utilities:

  • notepad2: The Best Notepad Replacement. Ever.
  • 7-zip: Zip compression as it should be.
  • unlocker: simple tool to unlock files and folders locked for mysterious reasons (not open source).
  • SysInternals suite: swiss army knife of system utilities.
  • Windows Resource Kit
  • unxutils: Win32 port of the classic suite of unix utilities (grep e.a.)
  • StExBar: very useful Windows Explorer extension, by the author of TortoiseSVN.

(.Net) development:

Visual Studio Plugins

  • ReSharper (not free, but well worth every penny)
  • VisualSVN Subversion integration for VS (not free, but miles ahead of Ankh IMO)

General Applications